Is the IRS auditing your business? If so, there is much at stake. An audit involves an intense investigation into your business’s finances and can expose your company to great financial loss. Located in Roseville, California, I represent small businesses throughout the Sacramento area during IRS audits, helping my clients limit their financial liability and safeguard their business reputations.


The Board of Equalization (BOE) Called. Now What?

If you have been called to attend a BOE audit, do not attend without a qualified, experienced attorney. I will review your circumstances, prepare a strong case and attend the audit as your legal representative. If you are considering closing your business, don’t lock the doors until you have paid the state sales taxes you owe to the BOE. The board WILL push hard to force you into personal liability for the money you owe. Talk to me first.

Possible solutions for paying the BOE what you owe in sales tax collections include:

  • Offer in compromise: I will negotiate with the BOE auditor to reduce the amount of sales tax you owe.
  • Installment agreement: After resolving the amount you owe, I will negotiate an affordable installment plan that allows you to repay the BOE over many months.
  • Object to personal liability: Not every owner of a business is personally liable for trust taxes such as sales tax. Let me review your specific situation so we can determine if there is a viable defense to no personal liability on the outstanding sales tax owe.

Don’t Panic — Call Me To Discuss Sales Tax Collections Solutions

I am tax attorney Brian L. Coggins in Roseville, California. I am a former corporate accountant who has been practicing in the area of California and IRS tax law for more than eight years as a tax attorney. I will review your circumstances and explain your options for working with the BOE to find a workable collection solution. From my office in Roseville, I represent businesses facing sales tax audits and tax collections issues. Call 916-270-2895 or contact my office by email to arrange a free initial consultation and evaluation of your tax problem.