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Although taxes are a regular part of life, tax law is complicated and intimidates many people. Whether you are facing a tax audit, IRS collections, or are simply filing your tax return, it is normal to be overwhelmed by the rules and regulations that you must follow.

You do not have to face legal tax issues by yourself. With the help of a qualified tax lawyer, you can navigate your tax problems easily and efficiently. They can help you feel confident in the solutions that you develop. Our team at Coggins Law is here to serve the taxpayers of Lincoln, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Coggins Law: Your Lincoln, CA, Tax Attorney

For nearly 20 years, our team has been navigating tax problems on behalf of our diverse set of clients. During this time, we have gained valuable insight into the United States tax system, common tax problems, and how to navigate significant issues. Regardless of your tax problem, socioeconomic status, mitigating financial issues, or overall circumstances, we are confident that our tax attorney can help you create a solution that works for you.

Finding a tax lawyer in California is difficult, especially if you are in the middle of a tax issue. Coggins Law provides the reliable, honest legal tax support that you are looking for in a judgment-free environment. Whatever tax problem you are facing, we can collaborate with you to develop solutions. This will also protect your family and finances in the process.

No area law firm can support you during your tax problem resolution process like our team at Coggins Law.

What Is a Tax Attorney?

Tax attorneys, like our team at Coggins Law, help clients with a variety of tax problems and situations. Some families turn to a tax lawyer to help file their taxes, especially if they have factors that make their taxes particularly complicated. Others use tax attorneys to represent them during an IRS audit. They can ensure that the auditor does not take advantage of them.

Our team at Coggins Law provides comprehensive legal tax support. We offer tax audit support and legal protection during federal audits that occur for any reason. If you are behind on your taxes, we offer a variety of tax resolution services. We can discuss your options and work with you to develop solutions. Finally, our business law services allow us to serve companies going through tax audits or facing tax issues.

Why Do I Need a Tax Attorney?

Hiring a tax attorney helps you protect yourself and your finances during any tax issue. Audits and other tax problems can cost you a significant amount of time and money. When you have a tax attorney on your side, you can be sure that you are not paying more than necessary. Your attorney can make sure that you have considered all your options before proceeding.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) represents the federal government. During audits and other tax conflicts, IRS agents are not obligated to consider your financial interests. They will not alert you to any programs or refunds for which you may be eligible.

A tax attorney is ethically and legally obligated to represent your interests. This is a key advantage. We can ensure that you have all necessary information before proceeding with your tax audit or issue.

Tax Attorney FAQs

Q: Can a Tax Attorney Negotiate With the IRS?

A: Yes. If you are facing a tax audit or collection notice from the IRS, your tax attorney can help you negotiate its terms. They can help develop a solution that works for you. Many people do not realize that the IRS has programs and options for those who face economic hardship or other challenging situations. An attorney can negotiate the most favorable possible terms for your family. They can help give you peace of mind as well as a resolution to your issue.

Q: What Does a Tax Lawyer Do?

A: A tax lawyer’s role depends on the situation for which they were hired. Some tax attorneys help you assemble the necessary documents for a tax return. Others protect their clients during IRS audits and oversee the process to ensure that the auditor is fair and does not make mistakes. In some situations, a tax attorney may help their client develop a solution to their overdue or back taxes. Tax attorneys can assist with most tax problems.

Q: Do Tax Lawyers Attend Court?

A: A tax lawyer may attend court to represent their client if the situation calls for it. Some tax situations cannot be resolved through negotiation, and the parties must appear before a judge to develop a solution. A tax lawyer may attend to argue their client’s perspective and aim for a favorable settlement on their behalf. However, most of a tax attorney’s work occurs outside of the courtroom. Courtroom litigation is not often necessary during tax law disputes.

Q: How Much Do Tax Lawyers Cost in Lincon, California?

A: All attorneys charge differently for their services. This makes it difficult to estimate the cost of a tax lawyer. Since a tax lawyer is generally not seeking a settlement for their client, they usually charge an hourly rate for their services. The average California tax attorney’s hourly rate is between $200 and $400. It is important that you discuss costs and hourly rates with any tax attorney that you interview.

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During our time practicing tax law, our team at Coggins Law has helped hundreds of families resolve their tax disputes. Armed with this high level of experience in the field, we listen to your problem. We can then develop a solution that truly works for you. No other law firm in the area can provide the same level of service and support that our team offers to each of our clients. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that your taxes, your finances, and your family are in capable hands.

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