Certified Audit Health Check Lawyer in Roseville, California

Businesses should be treated as persons. Being an entity in itself, your California small business needs to undergo periodic audits and health checkups. With business circumstances ever-changing, clarity on your business’s economic status and transparency in its financial records are essential.

With over 15 years of practice, multi-disciplinary expertise, and in-depth knowledge of financial investigations, attorney Brian Coggins is the professional to trust with your business audit plans. As California’s go-to financial health check professional, attorney Brian Coggins is the right person to help your California business with its audit health checks.

How Audit Health Checks Work and What They Cover

Being quite a minefield, business accountancy and legal regulations could easily slip under your radar as a business owner. To take back control of your business, consider having a seasoned IRS audit professional, take an in-depth look at your business’s financial records and transactions by carrying out a financial health check.

The financial health check services offered at Coggins Law Office are not limited to carrying out thorough business analysis. They extend to helping California business owners with their corporate compliance and securing a stronger financial future for their businesses.

As a former accountant, attorney Coggins is familiar with the local, state, and federal corporate laws. Attorney Coggins will fully investigate your business’s historical records, financial details, and current processes for any gaps and faults before generating an audit report to help ensure your business remains in full compliance. It averts investigations into its finances by authorities.

Some benefits of enlisting in our audit health checks include:

  • Access to complete audit health check reports and breakdowns of your business’s financial position.
  • The support and advisory services of an experienced audit lawyer help businesses attain absolute compliance with financial management requirements and reporting standards.
  • Working with a seasoned IRS lawyer helps identify problems before they can harm your business and cost you money.
  • Your business gets action plans and practical tips on mitigating risk factors such as the financial losses associated with inaccurate financial records.
  • Consulting with a lawyer experienced in audit health checks will help ascertain your business’s current risks easily and facilitate the crafting of solutions for protecting your business in the future.
  • As your business grows over time, your relationship with an audit professional will help your business keep its financial data and information systems in check.

By working with attorney Coggins, your business will not only achieve compliance across the board, but the attorney will also be at hand to directly answer any questions you might have concerning business audits.

Why Consider Audit Health Checks?

Your business is expected to provide efficient, secure, and compliant services to clients, whether it has an internal audit department or not. In the midst of the changing financial audit thresholds, successful businesses still invest in audit health checks to address financial, strategic, and regulatory compliance and meet their needs. Here’s why:

  • Profitability — By providing the full scope of your business’s spending, an audit health check helps you investigate loopholes in your business’s practices and procedures through which you might be losing money or being extravagant, allowing you to seal them.
  • Business Management — To determine and understand their financial position, most businesses undertake audit health checks to grasp their financial health and make informed decisions fully.
  • IRS Compliance — Because IRS is constantly pursuing and reviewing tax records, your business needs to conduct audit health checks and maintain transparent financial records to ensure you are on the safe side in case the IRS seeks to dig into your history.
  • Attracting Investment — Designed to ensure businesses comply with industry developments, consistently positive reports from your audit health checks will contribute to your business’s growth and attracting investment.

Signs It’s Time for Your Business to Have an Audit Health Check

  • Much is at stake concerning your business’s historical data.
  • The IRS is auditing your business.
  • You need a better picture of the financial position of your business.
  • Investors need to be furnished with accurate financial data.
  • Previous discrepancies in your business’ finances that need to be dealt with.
  • Glaring issues in your past financial reports and tax returns.

Contact a Business Audit Health Check Attorney in Roseville, California to Help with Your Audit

Even if your business might not be facing any of the above signs, Coggins Law offers audit health check services to help your California small business grow and safeguard its reputation.

Attorney Brian Coggins is dedicated to helping protect California businesses during business audits. He continues to employ his vast experience in helping small businesses remain compliant by offering audit health checks.

Are you considered the immense benefits of an audit health check? If so, contact Coggins Law online today to get a free consultation.

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