IRS Tax Audit Attorney in Roseville, CA

If you received an Information Document Request (IDR) from the IRS, you are being audited. The first thing you should do is to contact me — Brian Coggins. IRS audits are intense investigations into your finances. The earlier you enlist the help of an experienced tax lawyer, the better your chances of coming through the audit with minimal financial loss. Located in Roseville, California, my firm helps taxpayers throughout the Sacramento area protect their financial interests during IRS audits.

The IRS Has Great Power During Audits. I Will Protect Your Interests.

During an audit, the IRS has the power to dig deeply into your finances. This includes information about your bank accounts, employment records and any information about your debts. It can also summon third parties — such as your employer, family and friends — question them about your finances and force them to testify against you.

Many people find this process not only scary, but embarrassing, and feel as if the IRS is making an unwarranted intrusion into their lives.

As a former accountant, and now a Roseville IRS tax audit attorney, I have been representing individuals during IRS audits for more than 15 years. I know the steps the IRS will take during the audit process, and how to best communicate with the service throughout the process. I also know when the IRS is overreaching or going on fishing expeditions, and the steps to take to protect your privacy.

Do Not Wait Until It’s Too Late

After the audit is complete, the IRS may decide you owe additional taxes. If so, it will send you a notice of deficiency. If you’ve received this notice, you have limited time to appeal the tax determination. If you do not act within this time frame, your right to appeal will be forfeited, and the IRS can begin collection actions. Waiting will not make it go away — it will only make things worse. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact me today for help. Call 916-270-2895. Consultations are free.