Could You Be Charged With Tax Fraud?

Failure to file a tax return is illegal. Depending on the circumstances, the IRS may press criminal tax fraud or tax evasion charges. These are serious criminal offenses, with serious criminal consequences.
If you’ve been contacted by the IRS criminal division, you need legal help now. A CPA alone cannot provide the protection you need. I am Brian Coggins, and as a former accountant and a present-day tax attorney I can protect you against criminal tax fraud charges.

Why Hire A Roseville Tax Fraud Lawyer?

Many people turn to their CPAs for help with IRS issues. While a CPA may be able to give you accounting advice, they cannot adequately represent you against the IRS. Only a lawyer knows your legal rights and can take legal action on your behalf. In addition, your CPA may be called to testify against you. Lawyers have confidentiality protection — everything you say to your attorney is safeguarded.

You don’t have to face the IRS on your own.

As your attorney, I can hire accountants to work on your case, while preserving confidentiality. The result: the knowledge of a CPA, and the legal benefits and protections of a lawyer.

If you have been charged with tax fraud, or are under investigation by the IRS, contact my office for a free consultation. Call 916-270-2895. Located in Roseville, California, I represent taxpayers throughout the Sacramento area.

How Does The IRS Decide If Fraud Exists?

When determining whether fraud exists, the IRS looks at a variety of factors. The more educated and experienced you are, the more likely the IRS will find fraud.

  • Your history of late or non-filings
  • Your ability to pay
  • Your knowledge of filing requirements, including your occupation, education and business experience
  • Any attempts you’ve made to conceal assets
  • Any cash transactions you’ve made
  • Any indications of significant income

Your refusal or inability to explain your failure to file or pay

Don’t Talk To The IRS On Your Own

If the IRS suspects fraud, it will contact you. This is a formal interview, not a casual conversation. Speaking to an IRS agent without a Roseville tax fraud lawyer is a bad idea. The purpose of the interview is to determine whether you intentionally avoided paying taxes. Everything you say will be analyzed and used against you to prove fraud.

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