Tax Levy and Wage Garnishment Attorney in Roseville, CA

If you have received a notice that you face an impending wage garnishment or levy against your property, it may come as a shock — which is exactly what they intend. In nearly all cases, these collections actions can be avoided, call me to discuss your options and avoid tax levies, liens and wage garnishments.

Ready To Protect Your Rights Against The Tax Authorities

If you reside, own property or operate a business anywhere in Northern California and have received a notice of a lien or wage garnishment, don’t respond until you talk to an experienced tax law attorney. Call Coggins Law Office, in Roseville. I am an experienced Roseville tax attorney helping individuals, property owners and business owners protect themselves from the harsh realities of liens, levies and garnishment.

The IRS will send you a notice of intent to garnish wages or place a levy on your property. If you get a notice, call me right away. The state of California will not always give you the courtesy of a final notice. It will simply start garnishing your wages right away.

I Will Act Immediately To Find A Collections Solution

In many cases, there are feasible tax collections solutions for individuals or businesses with tax issues. However, it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to raise these solutions, as the taxing agencies are not there to help you find solutions.

Bring your tax notice to my office before you respond. I will explain your options and can begin working immediately with the state of California or IRS office to find a workable solution, which can include:

  • An offer in compromise to reduce the amount of taxes owed
  • An installment agreement to repay the tax arrears over time
  • An appeal of an audit
  • Due process hearing request
  • Penalty and interest abatement
  • Tax court appeal
  • Protection under the Innocent Spouse Act
  • Bankruptcy

Why Not Go To A Tax Workout Company When Facing An IRS Levy?

Large tax workout companies/mills (as seen on television and heard on the radio) handle thousands of tax cases at a time.

Even if there are experienced tax professionals working at the company, their caseload is too large to provide you the individual care and treatment leading to a proper solution. And that is the best-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is you will be dealing with a trained salesman who will likely sell you on a solution that does not fit your issue.

The bottom line is when dealing with the IRS or state of California for tax issues, you need an experienced tax law attorney on your side.

Call An Experienced Roseville, CA Tax Levies And Wage Garnishment Lawyer

From my office in Roseville, I represent clients in state and federal tax law resolution and litigation matters throughout Northern California.

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