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Being audited is something that most people wish to avoid. Unfortunately, even if you file your taxes properly, the IRS can still select you for a tax audit. This can make creating and filing your taxes particularly stressful.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself if you have been selected for a CA tax audit, whether you believe that you made a tax error or not. One of the top ways to do so is by working with a tax audit lawyer. This individual can protect your interests throughout the audit process and provide advice as you face decisions or challenges.

The tax audit attorney at Coggins Law is here to help you with all your tax audit needs.

Coggins Law: Your Lincoln, CA, Tax Audit Lawyer

Finding a tax audit lawyer in Lincoln, CA can be challenging, especially if the audit process has already begun. Many people feel pressure to find a tax attorney right away. Often, they end up choosing someone without proper qualifications or experience.

Our team at Coggins Law has been practicing tax law for nearly 20 years. During this time, we have represented clients of all kinds, giving us a wide range of experience in the field. We know that each client’s situation is unique. However, we firmly believe that our experience has prepared us to represent clients in any tax issue that they may face.

When you work with us, your tax lawyer can walk you through every step of the process. We are here to answer your questions and advise on any issues that feel complicated or confusing. With us in your corner, you can be empowered to make informed decisions about your family’s finances and future.

What Is a Tax Audit?

The tax audit process is a procedure in which the IRS verifies tax returns to ensure their accuracy. An IRS agent reviews all necessary documents, receipts, deductions, and mitigating factors. From there, they recalculate the amount that the auditee owes to the government. In some cases, the original tax amount is correct, and no further action is necessary. In other situations, the amount may be incorrect, and the taxpayer will face penalties as well as additional tax costs.

Although most people assume that audits only happen when something suspicious appears on your tax return, in reality they can occur for multiple reasons. You may be audited because of your relationship to someone else who made an error on their taxes. You can also be audited randomly. The IRS chooses some taxpayers indiscriminately to ensure that the tax system is working properly.

If you have been chosen for an IRS audit, you did not necessarily do something wrong. However, you should hire a tax lawyer right away.

Why Do I Need a Tax Audit Lawyer?

The IRS is a facet of the federal government, and its aim is to ensure that taxpayers are not taking advantage of the government. As such, IRS auditors are under no obligation to protect your interests, offer advice, or point out deductions that may benefit your finances. Additionally, auditors can make mistakes that may put you at a disadvantage.

A tax attorney represents your needs during the audit process. You can trust your attorney to provide advice that is in your interests because they are under an ethical obligation to do so. As you navigate the complicated world of tax law, you can rely on your attorney. They can offer insight and provide vital information that may otherwise be lost.

Having an attorney helps protect your family and finances during the audit process.


Q: What Does a Tax Audit Lawyer Do?

A: A tax audit attorney can help you prepare all necessary documents for your tax audit. The attorney can oversee the auditor’s process and negotiate an alternative solution for any problems that arise. When you owe money to the government, a tax attorney may be able to reduce the amount. Alternately, they can develop options that fulfill your obligation without jeopardizing your financial stability. Finally, a tax audit attorney can provide information that empowers you to make informed decisions about your taxes.

Q: How Much Do Tax Audit Lawyers Charge in a California Audit?

A: Every attorney sets their own prices for their services, so the cost of your tax attorney will depend on the individual who represents you. Some attorneys charge an hourly rate for their services. In these situations, the ultimate cost of your audit will depend on its complexity and how long it takes to complete. In other situations, tax audit attorneys charge flat rates for the different services that they provide. In all scenarios, discuss attorney fees with any lawyers that you interview.

Q: Can a Tax Audit Lawyer Negotiate With the IRS?

A: Yes. A tax audit lawyer can work with the IRS to develop alternative solutions to tax issues. If you owe money to the IRS, your attorney may be able to negotiate reduced costs or more lenient terms. The IRS allows negotiations because the solutions usually benefit all parties involved. Not only does the IRS get at least some of the money that they are owed, but the taxpayer gets a reduced cost and a solution for their tax problem.

Q: Do Tax Audit Lawyers Attend Court?

A: Although most tax audit issues can be resolved outside of court, some disputes require a judge. In these scenarios, a tax audit lawyer may be required to participate in courtroom litigation. Be sure to find an attorney who has experience in the courtroom. That way, an attorney already familiar with your issues can also represent you if a difficult dispute arises. The tax attorney at Coggins Law has experience in courtroom litigation. They are comfortable representing their clients in court if a certain case requires it.

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