Audit Support For Taxpayers and Businesses

If you are a taxpayer who has received an IRS notification of an audit, how you respond may very well cost you thousands of dollars. It is important to understand that the auditor wants you to think that the IRS holds all the cards. Too many taxpayers attend the audit with their tails between their legs, as if they have no choice but to take whatever the IRS dishes out. The hard, cold fact of an IRS audit is that you, the taxpayer, have more options for appeal than you may know. But the IRS auditor isn’t likely to explain things very well.

  • BUSINESS AUDITS: Protect your company during the audit process
  • EDD EMPLOYMENT TAX AUDITS: Helping employers prepare for EDD audits and pass them quickly and painless
  • IRS AUDITS: If you received an Information Document Request (IDR) from the IRS, you are being audited. The first thing you should do is click  here to learn more then
    contact Coggins Law Office in Roseville CA
  • SALES TAX AUDIT: If you own a business in California who has not paid state sales taxes, you risk personal liability for the money owed. Do not attend a BOE audit without a qualified, experienced attorney. Contact us now.

Never Attend Your Own Internal Revenue Service Audit

I am IRS tax audits and appeals lawyer Brian L. Coggins in the Sacramento area, representing taxpayers throughout Northern California. If you are facing an audit or need to appeal the decision of an IRS audit, call me right away. It is very important that you have an experienced, knowledgeable tax lawyer attend on your behalf. By forcing the auditor to deal with your attorney, you keep the power of a satisfactory collection solution in your hands.

Call An Experienced Tax Return Audit Lawyer

As your tax lawyer, I will attend on your behalf, armed with knowledge of the law and ready to offer a fair solution. I will be in the best position to argue for your rights as a taxpayer.

Call me to discuss the circumstances of your individual audit or business audit. I also represent taxpayers during sales audits and audits by the Franchise Tax Board. I will evaluate your case and give you an honest assessment of whether fighting the IRS is worth the cost of hiring an experienced lawyer.

From my office in Roseville, I represent clients in state and federal tax law resolution and litigation matters throughout Northern California. Call 916-270-2895 or contact my office by email to arrange a free initial consultation and evaluation of your tax problem.