Anyone Can Face Tax Troubles, Including Celebrities

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Tax Liens

Even with a good job and financially responsible habits, any of us can fall on hard times. Life throws a curveball and our carefully laid financial plans must be put on hold in order to deal with an immediately urgent matter. In other cases, a series of smaller hardships can add up to create financial instability.

This type of situation can and does happen to individuals across all walks of life, including celebrities. Recently, it was reported that actress Melissa Gilbert owes the Internal Revenue Service more than $360,000 in back taxes. Gilbert says her money troubles are the result of a “perfect storm of financial difficulty” that included a career slump, a divorce and the Great Recession.

The tax lien imposed by the IRS was apparently related to Gilbert’s failure to pay federal income taxes in recent years. The actress, best known for her role in “Little House on the Prairie,” got divorced in 2011. She has since remarried and moved from here in California to Michigan.

Like many Americans, Gilbert still seems to be recovering from the Great Recession. And her career slowdown has likely made this much more difficult to do.

Although specifics have not been released, Melissa Gilbert says she has negotiated a plan to resolve her tax delinquency issues. News reports mention a “payment plan,” which could be referring to an installment agreement.

Why mention the tax troubles of celebrities? It is not for purposes of gossip. Instead, it is a reminder that no one is immune from financial hardship, and that tax debt is more common than people realize.

If you are facing an audit or tax collection issues, please don’t deal with the IRS alone. An experienced tax law attorney can work with you and advocate on your behalf for a tax debt solution that is fair and reasonable.


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